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HFE receives hurrah from Party A again during project perfor

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    On June 8, 2020, HFE received a letter of thanks from Yantai Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (YHHI).  It fully affirmed the HFE’s outstanding and excellent product quality during the performance of Brazil power plant project, and highly praised the work style of "initiative, accountabilities, persistence" of HFE.
    It involves two projects: Thai oil and Brazil power plant. Their owners are HPS company (South Korea) and Siemens company respectively. The project contract was officially signed on November 19, 2019. HFE prepared plans in advance, meticulously organized and took measures to ensure the rapid and orderly progress of the project, facing the following factors: strict quality, high processing difficulty, tight project duration, and COVID-19. First, it made a scientific plan to define the number of pieces completed in daily production, so as to achieve "daily work done in the same day"; second, it arranged production reasonably, gave priority to two teams with excellent technology, which are respectively responsible for the processing and production of #1 and #2 units, forming an atmosphere of mutual competition and mutual promotion; third, it strictly implemented quality standards, paid attention to strengthen training, strictly organized production in accordance with the process, and ensured the process quality is to achieve excellence in the first time; fourth, it strengthened the implementation of responsibility, and the workshop management personnel should carry out the responsibility contract, focus on the site every day, and coordinate to solve the problems in time; fifth, it carried forward the spirits of the Iron Army, being steadyfast, and resolutely completed the production tasks of the day with quality and quantity guaranteed. After more than two months of fighting day and night, the riveting work was finally completed on May 31, five days ahead of the original plan.
    Next, HFE will conscientiously summarize experience, continuously improve management level, complete the Thai oil project with high quality and efficiency, and lay a solid foundation for both parties to continue to strengthen cooperation and achieve win-win development in the future.

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