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HFE receives a letter of praise from the owner for its contr

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        On May 24, 2019, the owner of ONE Commercial Complex Project in Indonesia sent a letter of praise to HFE Company and gave HFE a high appraisal for its performance on schedule, which strictly complied with the requirements regarding the project schedule provided by the owner by overcoming many difficulties.

        Since the start of the ONE Commercial Complex project in Indonesia, HFE has always adhered to the principle of quality first, strictly in accordance with the contract time limit to advance the project schedule with high quality and efficiency, and ensure to meet the needs of the owner. Especially in this April, due to the local holidays in Indonesia, the owner asked to advance the delivery time of some components by changing their delivery date from April 30 to April 17. The production and transportation plan was suddenly changed, in the difficult situation of material procurement, temporary increase in production and pressing shipment time. However, based on scientific organization, reasonable arrangement, multi-party coordination, day and night struggle, HFE finally successfully completed the task, guaranteed the timely delivery of components required by the owner, won the full recognition of the owner and relevant parties.

        Next, HFE Company will continue to carry forward the work style of "initiative, responsibility and perseverance", and make further efforts to strengthen the performance to ensure that the whole project is completed on schedule.

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