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HFE Company received one letter of thankfulness from SDEPCI

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On February, 2018, HFE Company received one letter of thankfulness from SDEPCI Brazil Project Department, which represents their thankfulness to HFE Company management team for their quality and efficient delivery.

This contracted manufacturing task for the Brazil power station project is about the ash silo steel structure, delivery period 70 days, quantity 600 T.

The task for manufacturing the ash silo steel structure is new for HFE Company, which increases the manufacturing difficulty. To ensure the task to be completed on time, the company's leaders make overall arrangements, and organize various tasks scientifically. After the drawings distribution and prepayment is performed, the related professional technicians are immediately organized to perform the detailing design and penetrate any hard targets, while the workers are arranged to start manufacturing the accessory components. During this period, all the employees involved into design and production have worked hard always with full of work enthusiasm and energy. After nearly 70 days' continuous efforts, the task has been completed finally, and the commitment to the owner has been realized.

HFE Company always considers how to provide customers with high quality products and achieve the customer desire as its own duty, and uses quality products to win the owner's trust and praise. The successful completion of this manufacturing task lays a solid foundation for the continuous cooperation between parties and the development of external market.

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