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HFE and Greenism officially signs the strategic cooperation

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    On March 15, HFE and Shandong Greenism Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (Greenism) held a signing ceremony in the conference room in HFE’s company, when the two parties officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Mr. Caoguande, SEPCOIII’s Assistant President, HFE’s Party Committee Secretary & President, Mr. Jiangchengwu, General Manager of Greenism and relevant personnel of both parties attended the signing ceremony.
    At the ceremony, Mr. Cao warmly welcomed the arrival of Mr. Jiang and reviewed the good cooperation experience of both parties in several projects, and hoped that both parties would deepen cooperation in the new business areas such as water treatment equipment processing and production in the future; Mr. Jiang introduced the business distribution of Greenism and other business situations briefly, indicating that the two parties had established the cooperation through several projects starting from full mutual trust and good cooperation foundation. He is willing to continue to deepen cooperation with HFE to give full play to their respective advantages and realize win-win development. During the meeting, both parties also discussed the scope of cooperation, design, production site and other specific matters; finally, both parties formally signed the strategic cooperation agreement. After the ceremony, Mr. Jiang and other visitors went to the production site with Mr. Cao, and reviewed the production site and the configuration of mechanical equipment in detail.
    This signing marks that the two parties have formally concluded a strategic partnership on the basis of long-term friendly cooperation, which lays a solid foundation for the next step to improve the overall market development and project operation strength, and achieve high-quality development.

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