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The first steel beam of Zhan-Lin expressway project contract

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    On March 12, the first steel beam of the south approach bridge in the Zhan-Lin Expressway Yellow River super steel bridge project contracted by HFE was successfully dispatched.
    The Zhan-Lin expressway project is the first large bridge project signed by HFE in 2021, and also the largest single project contract signed by HFE in the external market since its establishment, with a quantity mentioned in the contract of about 50000 tons. To ensure the project performance on schedule, HFE has established a project team with Chief Production Officer as the project manager to fully promote all work. Since the project operation, the project team has planned ahead, organized scientifically and efficiently to ensure that the processing and production of the first section of beam is completed as planned, and the project progress and product quality are fully recognized by the owner and supervisor.
    Next, HFE will continue to carry forward the "initiative, accountabilities, persistence" work style, and strictly promote the follow-up work in accordance with the production plan, and ensure that all milestone nodes of the project are realized on schedule.

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