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HFE organizes a series of activities to celebrate Women's Da

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    On the morning of March 8, according to the relevant requirements from the SEPCOIII Qingdao headquarters, the HFE Labor Union organized a series of activities to celebrate the 111th International Women's day. More than 50 female employees participated in the activities.
    The theme of this activity is "great aspiration to the Party, popular among women", which is divided into three activities: first, female workers write a letter to themselves, including making a wish, setting a small goal of work and life, blessing the Party, etc.; second, cycling slowly, to cultivate the positive attitude of female workers to calmly face the fast pace of work and life, and effectively relieve the pressure of work and life; third, shooting basketball at a fixed point, which promotes the development of women workers' work and life by stimulating female workers not willing to lag behind and the drive to forge ahead. It allows them with greater enthusiasm into the work, to contribute to the development of the company's cause. On the day of the activities, the sun was bright and the Spring breeze was pleasant. All the female workers were full of passion and actively participated in the activities. Everyone had a happy festival in the laughter.
    Through the activities, the HFE Labor Union fully reflected the importance and care of female workers, and achieved good results in reducing pressure, as well as improving morale and work.

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