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Vice President Sun Qili et al have a visit to HFE company

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    On February 23, a group led by Mr. Sun Qili, Vice President of SEPCOIII have a visit to HFE company for invesigation and guidance of works.
    After arriving at HFE, Mr. Sun and other visitors first had a work exchange with the leading group of HFE to get a brief overview of HFE’s production and operation in 2020 and the resumption of production after the festival; then they had patrol to the workshops, including HDPE pipe, coating and the new ones involved in the expansion project, and checked the personnel organization and safety production work after the festival. After that, Mr. Sun organized HFE’s leading group and responsible persons of relevant departments to hold a meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Cao Guande, SEPCOIII Assistant President, HFE President & Party Committee Secretary, respectively reported on the overall work and HSE management. After the work report, Mr. Sun first sent a new year's blessing to everyone, and affirmed the achievements of HFE in various aspects in the past year. In combination with SEPCOIII's development and the next key works, he put forward seven specific requirements for HFE:
    The first is to do a good job in publicizing and implementing the spirit of the 18th Workers' Congress and 2021 Work Conference of SEPCOIII, to fully enhance the capacity building, and to give full play to the important role of HFE in the whole EPCO industrial chain of SEPCOIII; the second is to do a good job in safety management, establish and improve the safety management system and regulatory system, and focus on strengthening the mechanical safety and environmental protection management, so as to achieve compliance and safe production; the third is to do a good job in quality management, firmly establish brand awareness, strengthen process control, and establish HFE brand with excellent product quality; the fourth is to do a good job in business management, increase market development and cost control, and continuously improve the level of profitability; the fifth is to do a good job in innovation, combined with enterprise characteristics, and constantly promote the application level of automatic production, so as to achieve cost reduction and efficiency; the sixth is to do a good job in Party style and clean government; the seventh is to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and staff life, continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, ensure staff life safety and health, care for staff life, and do a good job in logistics support.
    Next, HFE will conscientiously implement the work requirements of Mr. Sun, constantly sum up experience, check the leakage and perform any precaution for any possible deficiency, comprehensively improve the management level, and ensure that the goals and tasks in 2021 can be achieved on schedule.

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