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HFE factories still operate partially during the Spring Fest

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    During the Spring Festival holiday in 2021, HFE actively responded to the "stay where to work during the holiday" initiative issued by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, actively encouraged and guided the majority of employees and outside fabricators to stay in the local area for the Lunar New Year, and insisted on normal production during the festival holiday, ensuring the continuous production tasks of various projects.
    In order to effectively arrange the work and life of the left persons during the Spring Festival holiday, HFE has planned ahead of time, formulated a detailed work plan, defined tasks and assigned responsibilities to ensure the effective implementation of various work arrangements. During the Spring Festival holiday, all the left persons stick to their posts and work hard to make contributions. The busy production persons can be seen in all workshops, processes and posts. The leaders on duty go to the scene every day to coordinate and solve the problems encountered in the production process at any time to ensure the smooth progress of all work. In order to make the left persons feel at ease for the Chinese New Year, on the Chinese New Year's Eve, the staff canteen carefully prepared a rich New Year's Eve dinner for everyone left in the company for the holiday. They got together and spent an unforgettable Spring Festival in the big family of HFE.
    During the Spring Festival holiday, a total of 175 employees inlcuding the members from outside fabricators stayed in the company and continued to work throughout the Chinese New Year holiday, finally with a total output of 1064 tons. They showed the responsibility and responsibility of HFE people with practical actions, paying tribute to everyone who sticks to their posts during the Spring Festival holiday.

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